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Use Face Shield To Take Your Covid-19 Protection A Step Further

With the rise of transmissions of COVID-19, the public was advised to self-isolate or wear face masks in public. The use of different types of face coverings such as surgical facemasks, hand stitched face masks, type IIR masks, etc. became commonplace.

Now, as things slowly start to reopen, many are concerned about their safety in the crowded outdoors. Although the use of face masks is quite common now, one can never be too precautious. Many healthcare experts suggest taking extra measures of protection. One such measure includes the use of face shields.

Face shields have been used in the medical field to protect doctors and nurses. The medical workers treating COVID-19 patients are required to wear surgical face masks along with a face shield to provide extra protection. But are face shields recommended for common public use?

Although health and safety guidelines by the government do not require you to wear face shields, you can still use them to protect yourself. Check out the following 8 benefits of wearing a face shield for COVID-19 protection.

1.They Provide More Protection

The biggest selling point of face shields is that they provide much better protection than any other face covering. The glass shield blocks the infectious droplets from reaching the face of the wearer with maximum efficiency. Many healthcare professionals have declared the face shields to be more effective against infections.

According to a recent study published in JAMA, face shields are more effective against the spread of COVID-19 compared to standard face masks. The study suggests that the increased use of face shields along with contact tracing, frequent testing, and social distancing can lead the way in containing the virus.

Face shields can minimize the exposure to droplets by 96% even when you’re in the close proximity of 18 inches from the coughing person. Moreover, face shields cover your entire face and not just the nose and mouth. They protect your eyes and the rest of the face from being exposed to droplets from sneezes and coughs.

2.They Are Easy To Wear Correctly

Another advantage of using face shields is that they don’t require you to always be on your guard. Once you put on a face shield, you’re good to go. They provide a good fit and do not move continuously, which saves you from adjusting and touching them frequently.

Face shields are an excellent option for people who have a habit of touching their faces. Scientists and healthcare professionals advise against touching your face, as it increases the chances of infections.

3.More Effective Than Masks

Face shields are definitely better than face masks. Although face masks do provide protection, there are certain factors that can reduce their effectiveness. People are more likely to pull their masks to their chins out of habit. Moreover, masks only cover your nose and mouth, which leaves your eyes vulnerable.

Face masks also don’t fit very well, so the chances of viral penetration are higher. People tend to touch their faces a lot more when wearing a mask in order to fix it. Face masks can also make it difficult for people to breathe. If you have respiratory conditions, face masks may become a problem.

Besides, the primary purpose of face masks is to prevent the spread of the virus by an infected person who’s wearing it.  They may not be as useful for the wearer themselves.

4.They Are Reusable And Waste-Free

Face shields are waste-free and reusable because you don’t need to discard them after each use. Unlike surgical masks, face shields can be sanitized, washed, and reused.

The increased use of face masks has led to increased wastage. Garbage bags and dust bins are filled with disposable masks, which also puts the cleaners and surrounding people at risk. Environmentalists worry that this wastage will set us back on the fight towards a cleaner environment.

However, face shields do not pose any such threat and can be easily washed and reused several times.

5.Better Communication

Face shields provide the opportunity of communicating relatively better, because your nose, mouth, and facial expressions are still visible behind it. It’s easier for people with impaired hearing to read lips and facial expressions.

Moreover, a face shield doesn’t hide expressions such as smiling, laughing, etc.

6.Provide Protection During Medical Procedures

As discussed earlier, face shields were initially only restricted to medical professionals. Doctors and nurses who come in direct contact with patients for medical examinations and treatments use face shields for protection.

If you’re caring for someone who has been infected, then a face shield can keep you away from the risk of getting infected.

7.They Keep You Safe In Small And High-Risk Spaces

If your workplace has reopened, or if you are a teacher or student, you’ll most likely have to go back to small-space settings. Smaller and crowded spaces are the most high-risk for COVID-19 transmission. Therefore, using a face mask wouldn’t be enough in these situations.

People who work as teachers, transport workers, emergency services workers, healthcare professionals, etc., must incorporate the use of face shields in their daily lives to protect themselves and their loved ones.


As the world reopens, there is a high risk of a resurgence of COVID-19 transmissions. Face shields are very effective when it comes to protecting you from COVID-19 infections. They are also easy-fit and reusable. People who work in high-risk professions must use face shields to protect themselves and the people around them.

Author Bio:

Manoj Parmar has been working in the manufacturing and importing of medical and healthcare supplies for over 15 years. He currently works at Glove Club Ltd which was established in 1994 and a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical consumables with products including disposable gloves, masks, dental and paper products. Bringing his wealth of experience he has recently started Supreme Wellbeing, supplying a range of vitamins and supplements. You can find him onLinkedin or Twitter @p4rma