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How to Maximize the Hair Growth Rate After Hair Transplant?

From over a decade, Medispa hair transplant clinic is serving the hair loss sufferers with maximum hair density possible and with a highly aesthetic and natural looking hair transplant. So what are you waiting for grab the opportunity of achieving the advanced hair transplant at Medispa and cherish your dream of hair growth at your bald area.

Advancements in hair transplant have made the hair transplant a huge success. So get your baldness a permanent solution.

How is the Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is worth undergoing but if you are expecting a miracle of immediate outcomes then it would be impossible. For the hair transplant outcomes to reveal you definitely need to wait for months or probably year.

Few days after the hair transplant, it is normal to lose your newly planted hair follicles. Once they are lost the planted follicles underwent a rest phase followed by the initiation of the hair growth cycle. After around 3 months of the procedure, you would observe ingrown hairs that represent the hair growth and provide a fair amount of hair growth in around 6 months.

After around a year, you can see the complete hair growth.

The success and advancement of hair transplant in Delhi is inviting and luring the people from all around the globe seeking for the best hair restoration services in India. India is grabbing attention of the global patients majorly because of the excellence in this field along with the affordable cost.

Hair transplant cost in Delhi is way too affordable then the other developed countries and other parts of India too besides the high class international level surgeons and facilities.

Is the High Density Hair Growth Possible After Hair Transplant?

If you desire of a high density hair transplant then definitely it is a possibility but that comes with certain terms and conditions. For the high density hair transplant you should have an ample hair density at the donor area to provide the suitable donor hair follicles. If the surgeon you have chosen is experienced and expert and your donor area is suitably dense then you can definitely have maximum hair growth after hair transplant.

How to Maximise the Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

The hair growth after hair transplant is more or less similar to the hair growth of the existing natural hair. To improve the hair growth and maximise the coverage of the bald area the hair transplant surgeon should take interventions explained as follows:

  • Choose the right technique for the hair transplant: The hair transplant is primarily performed by the FUT and FUE technique. Choosing the right hair transplant technique would assure you the perfect outcomes with maximum hair growth. For th high density hair transplant when there is need of higher number of hair follicles usually FUT technique is indicated. Still the surgeon should be holistic while deciding on the hair transplant technique.
  • Minimise the damage rate of the hair grafts: The experience and skills of the surgeon would ensure the minimal damage to hair grafts. The harvesting, handling and transplantation of the hair follicles should be done very carefully for the minimal damage to the hair grafts.
  • Avoid over harvesting: The hair transplant surgeon should take the decisions judiciously especially when it comes to selecting the number of hair follicles to be harvested. One should be well aware of the safe zones which should never be exceeded for avoiding the over harvesting. Over harvesting of the hair grafts might lead to negative influence of the permanent outcomes and impact the survival of the hair grafts.
  • Make good use of combination technique wherever needed: The combination technique has been developed with the vision of harvesting a higher number of hair follicles despite preserving the site for the future sessions. The combination technique could be an astonishing technique to yield more than 4000 hair grafts in a single session that is suitable to provide the maximum hair growth.

To make these interventions successful, first and foremost you need to choose the best and competent hair transplant surgeon. For the maximum hair density hair transplant, straight away visit Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

Take Action Today Against Embarrassing Hair Loss

Do you find your hair loss to be demoralizing? Are you embarrassed or humiliated by it? It may be difficult to suppress these feelings, but there is really nothing to be ashamed of. Hair loss is actually part of the normal cycle of hair growth. Everyone loses hair, about 100 of them a day!

I know, tell that to your receding hairline or bald spots, right? It is true that if you lose more than 100 strands a day that you’re probably losing more than you’re growing back, and that could portend a more long-lasting process of balding.

Balding can have a negative psychological effect on both men and women, leading to depression and an undermined sense of self-worth. But if you’re willing to take action, the negativity you’re suffering today could be a thing of the past tomorrow. Here is my 3-step bit of advice, which could be summarized as “Address the issue instead of suffering its effects every day!”

  1. Choose a hair care expert from a hair loss treatment clinic conveniently located near you.
  2. Go to the appointment, endure the indignity of talking about your missing hair to the doctor (be honest, so they can know what you need), and get a prescription to end this madness.
  3. Visit to fill your prescription safely, today.

And finally, you can begin to live again!

The Causes of Hair Loss

Nearly 80 million Americans suffer hair loss as a result of genetics. If there is a history of bald persons in your family, it is probably hereditary, and most likely a condition known as alopecia. Some other causes are medications you’re taking, hormonal imbalances, another underlying medical condition, or even environmental factors. A comprehensive exam should be able to determine the exact cause in your case.

Hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss in both men and women, but the most common cause of women balding is an imbalance of hormones. If the imbalance can be rectified, her hair will most likely grow back.

Certain prescription medications (particularly those taken for lifestyle diseases) are sometimes found to be responsible for hair loss as well. With a bit of investigation, the bad reactions can often be uncovered, and then different medications can be used, avoiding the interaction.

Think of Hair Loss as Any Other Medical Condition

There is no reason to get down about the situation. The best strategy is to think of your hair loss as you would any other medical condition: decide to beat it, create a strategy, and wage the war. But definitely don’t let it stress you out. Aren’t you under enough stress already? It is all about finding the right remedy to fix the problem, and your “trichologist” (hair and scalp doctor) will help with that.

Once you know what to do (usually, take some kind of medication or apply something to your scalp), it is time to order your prescriptions. Why not join millions of others from around the world and experience the savings and convenience of, my favorite Canadian-based pharmacy? They offer a great variety of hair loss medications, so whatever your trichologist suggests – whether minoxidil (a topical cream), finasteride (a hormone regulator), or corticosteroid (combats hair loss caused by autoimmune disease) – Price Pro is sure to have it.

Don’t be ashamed of hair loss. Decide to beat it, create a strategy, and wage the war.