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How to Grow Your Self-esteem and Self-Confidence

Many people suffer from low self-esteem due to various reasons. And it’s not something you can’t change; there are many ways to improve your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence. Before we delve into what these are, let’s start by unpacking what self-esteem entails.

Understanding self-Esteem

Self-esteem is our opinion about ourselves; it’s about the way we see ourselves as individuals. People with high self-esteem usually feel very positive about their life. They have a good perception of who they are, and their self-confidence makes them better at coping with highs and lows in their lives.

On the other hand, a person with low self-esteem is very critical of themselves and often find it challenging to deal with problems and setbacks in their lives. This may lead to lower self-esteem, and they may find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle.


What Causes low Self-Esteem

Many different factors can affect your self-esteem. However, it’s often traced back to a person’s childhood experiences. For instance, if they were brought up with no affection and care, they may have developed a poor sense of self, leading to low self-esteem issues later in their lives.

How Can We Improve Self-Esteem And Gain Self-Confidence?

Point out and change our negative beliefs

We can develop negative beliefs about our abilities. These beliefs are mostly based on a single life experience and don’t have much evidence for their support.

When we identify the negative beliefs about ourselves, we should question them and look for evidence that refutes those beliefs.

One way to accomplish that is to keep a diary of every negative thought you get about yourself and then come up with contradicting evidence. A written log will remind you that your negative beliefs are mostly false and based on little to no evidence.


Point Out The Positive Aspects Of Yourself

A person with a poor self-esteem may find it challenging to find such positive aspects in their life. If that’s the case, you can try asking your friends and colleagues to tell you something they like about you. Writing down your positives will help you focus on these traits and gain your confidence.


Avoid Negative Relationships And Build Positive Ones

As you grow up, you enter into new relationships at every stage of your life. Some relationships make you feel better about yourself, while others let you down. It’s up to you how you manage these relationships.

A simple way to improve your self-esteem is to seek relationships with people who see the good in you. These are the people who will appreciate your hard work and will always bring out the best in you.


Similarly, you should always try to avoid people who make you feel terrible about yourself. You’re better off without such people. However, it’s not always that simple to identify the good and bad people in your life.

Managing your relationships is key to improving your mental and emotional well-being.

Take On New Challenges

It may sound counter-intuitive to someone with poor self-esteem, but taking on new challenges can help you find your strength back.

As stated earlier, a person with low self-esteem may get stuck in a cycle of setbacks; that’s why it’s crucial to break this cycle by willingly taking on new challenges and staying resilient.

Work On Improving Your Fitness

One of the most common reasons people have low self-esteem is poor physical health. It’s easier to feel better about ourselves if we’re healthy and fit.

With a low self-esteem, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to work out and stick to a healthy diet, but once you start following a routine, you’ll see a clear change in your life. As you get healthier and more fit, you’ll start feeling good about yourself again.

Practice saying “no”

People with poor self-esteem find it difficult to say no. As a result, they’re overburdened at work and home as they cannot refuse anyone for anything. This further adds to their stress and make their life worse.

If you want to improve your self-esteem, you should stand up for yourself and be assertive.

Be Lenient On Yourself

Many people think less of themselves because they compare their achievements with the best of the best. You must understand that it’s alright if you can’t excel in every aspect of your life.

For instance, if you’re a perfectionist, you want to get the best grades, the best job, and be great at your relationships. The truth is you cannot simply control everything. We often try our best, but sometimes we’re unlucky and cannot control external factors that affect the outcomes of our efforts.

That’s why it’s vital to understand that some things will never be under your control. Yes, you should make your best effort, but don’t fret too much about the consequences.

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