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Beginner’s Guide to E liquids

To make a switch from the traditional smoking to vaping one should know the essentials and the nitty- gritty of the vaping process so as to enjoy it to the hilt. One of the most important elements of vaping is E liquids which can be termed as the soul of the vaping.

E liquid is the juice in the vape starter kit which once absorbed produces aromatic vapours. It comes in numerous flavours and brands each having its own unique taste and texture.

What is There in E Liquid?



E liquid is made up of Propylene glycol (PG) Vegetable glycerin (VG), intense flavourings and nicotine. VG is found in most of the E liquids and is sweet and thick liquid which is preferred by those want massive vapour production. PG on the other hand is odourless and produces less vapours so not very popular with cloud chasers, however is well liked by those who like instant throat hit. There is umpteen choice of flavourings to select from be it sweet candy confectionary, fruit laden exotic and exquisite vape juice, menthol mixed E Liquid which leaves the refreshing taste in the mouth.

How to Choose Nicotine Strength?

The next thing to choose from the cart is Nicotine. The nicotine strength depends on the vaper’s need and requirement.


The 0mg option is for those users who want to enjoy the vaping but without the addition of nicotine in the vape juice. 3mg nicotine strength is apt for the light smokers and is available in most of the E liquids including PG, VG and 50/50.

The 6mg nicotine strength option is for those vapers who want to have moderate consumption of the nicotine but still want a little bit of nic zing.

The 12mg nicotine strength is apt for the average smokers or those who smoke unfiltered cigarettes and want to switch from the traditional smoking to the E cigarette smoking.

The 18mg or more nicotine strength is ideal for the heavy smokers who want to enjoy the vaping experience to the maximum.

It is very significant for the vaper to know the what amount of nicotine should be taken by them so as to satisfy their cravings.

Which E Liquid to Choose?


The choice of E liquid entirely depends on the user and their likings and choices. However, there are many brands and many flavours to choose from. The most common flavours are strawberry, mint, tobacco and chocolate-based e liquids. The best economical option available is 10ml bottle as one can experiment and can create a concoction of their own choice by mixing two or more assorted flavours and choosing the appropriate nicotine strength. There are certain E liquids which have 0% nicotine strength for those who want to cut down the nicotine intake.

Which PG/VG Ratio Would be Suitable?

PG is odourless and tasteless hence it carries the flavour while VG is mildly sweet and can impact the flavours of the E liquid. Now again it entirely depends on the user’s personal choice what ratio of VG/PG is required in E liquid. The ratio of 50PG/50VG is the most common ratio and is suitable for people who want more flavour, less vapours but a stronger throat hit. 70 VG / 30 PG works well for many as it provides a nice throat hit, good flavour, as well as tons of vapour production.