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What Are Alternative Options For Straightening Teeth?

Are you looking for alternative options for teeth straightening? Today we will discuss all other ways to manage your teeth. We all know how important is oral health is for any person. First tooth eruption to a full mouth needs to be healthy. Orthodontic treatments we think it’s for only children, but it is not the case. Very few of us are born with flawlessly and perfectly straight teeth. But because of innovative dental treatment, we can fix our crooked teeth. Just consult for the right advice for your dental treatment. Your orthodontist helps to decide the best straightening option for your teeth. You may have various reasons, but your doctor will guide and help you choose the best treatment if you are not looking for braces. If you are not sure how to go about it, talk with us. If you prefer not to have braces then cosmetic dentistry for straightening teeth may be another option depending on the severity of misaligned teeth.

What Are The Advantages Of Straight Teeth?

If you have aligned teeth, then you can experience better oral health as follows:

  • Your teeth are easier to clean.
  • Your gums support your teeth better when they aren’t coinciding.
  • You will have a reduced risk of chipping, breaking, or wearing away your teeth when they are fitted correctly.
  • You could even reduce abnormal stress from misaligned teeth.

When You Should Not Use Braces?

If you are willing to undergo teeth straightening treatment, remember these points. They are:

  • Your braces will be noticeable, and you don’t like the way
  • If you’re only undergoing minimal spacing or crowding issues
  • If you have bite alignment problems
  • Braces may be a too costly treatment

Clear Aligners:

Clear aligners are hidden, removable alternatives to traditional metal braces. When you order custom-made, clear plastic aligners, you have to change them out at frequent intervals almost after every two weeks. The series of aligners could take up a longer duration depending on the amount of alignment needed. If you are not willing to use traditional braces, go for clear aligners. Whereas, moving teeth is a medical practice that should be done with the care of a licensed professional.

Lingual Braces - An Invisible Way to Straighten Teeth


If your teeth are crooked due to overcrowding, you can get your teeth aligned using a retainer. The retainer keeps the teeth in position, won’t even notice even when you’re sleeping. Kids use retainers to close a space between their teeth. In such cases, retainers can do the job. Retainers are used to keep the alignment of teeth.


If you have a misaligned bite, your dentist may suggest headgear to adjust your jaw’s position. The main disadvantage is that it’s can take time for sufficient results. Headgear uses a strap that wraps around the back of the head or neck with wires. The headgear uses light pressure on the teeth and jaw. This device is typically worn for several hours a day until the jaw is adequately aligned.


If you have gaps in between the teeth, chipped, fractured, or misshapen, then veneers may be the punitive option. Veneers are thin caps that look like natural teeth. If you decide to get veneers, your orthodontist will remove a thin layer of tooth enamel and then fix the veneers to your teeth.

We hope now you are familiar with the alternatives options for teeth straightening. If you need our help, do talk with our expert doctors. Your orthodontist will give the best suggestions to straighten your teeth tailored to your needs. Now you have got a solid foundation of knowledge regarding alternative options. We hope you get the best desired result as soon as possible. Remember to talk with us. We will be pleased to solve your query.