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What Is A Physical Nervous Exhaustion

When your nervous strength is exhausted, you feel spiritual and physical fatigue; then you are stimulated with a tension of will. Then you try to fight fatigue with health-promoting stimulants such as black tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, stretching your nerves and keeping them on the verge of nervous breakdown. Then you begin to feel old, even though you are young in years, as your nervous strength becomes more and more exhausted. Click here to know more about us.

More and more obvious violations of your spiritual, physical and internal forces are observed. You lose your sexual desire, eyelashes, the elasticity of skin and muscles. Your internal organs slow down their functioning. You can get fat or lose weight and then just become a wreck.

Disturbance in metabolism

Nervous arousal seriously disturbs the body’s basic processes. Metabolism is a process by which nutrients produce living tissue. Living tissue “burns”, by creating energy. Every cell of the body, as well as every living organ, is constantly involved in the process of metabolism. When the nerves function normally, there is a balanced harmony between processes and metabolism.

When the nervous force is exhausted, the natural health equilibrium is disturbed, resulting in large losses and weight gains. Therefore, the right diet cannot be measured in calories only. We need to consume food that will help us create our nervous power so that it can have enough nervous energy to turn the food into tissue and then into energy that supports balanced metabolism.

As has already been found, the sympathetic nervous system controls the vital organs. The main part of this system is known as the pneumo-gastric nervous system.

The pneumo-gastric nervous system controls breathing and digestion, which is why they call it pneumo / lungs / and gastric / stomach /. It is closely related to all vital organs, so even a minor nervous system disruption seriously affects the pneumo-gastric nervous system. You all have noticed that when the nerves are disturbed there is a burning that occurs in the stomach area. In case of severe nervous tension, the stomach may refuse to take food and begin vomiting.

Nervous stomach

Almost any form of gastric and intestinal disorders can be directly associated with disorders and abnormal conditions of the pneumo-gastric nerves. Most people experience temporary discomfort that can be disposed of with medication.

Here are some of the symptoms: hiccups, gasses, stomach irritation, increased acidity, stomach enlargement, which happen as a result of shortened breathing and pressure on the heart. This causes palpitations and, in some cases, heart failure.

Frequent swelling of the stomach due to gas formation often leads to chronic enlargement and formation of pockets from which food cannot come out. This is very serious and can lead to stomach ulcer.


Nervous exhaustion is one of the reasons for constipation. The action of the intestine depends on both nerve stimulation and the activity of the heart and lungs. The bowels of a person who has chronic constipation will start to move under a strong nervous shock.

Some foods, of course, increase constipation. In order not to suffer from constipation, your food should contain a lot of fluid and cellulose. These important elements are found in raw vegetables such as cabbage, beets, carrots and so on, and in fruits.

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