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The Use Of Marijuana Over The Years

Its official name is marijuana, it is made of cannabis plant known as Indian hemp. Many years ago, this plant was used to make ropes, clothes, even a car model at the beginning of this century. Today, the quality properties of this plant are not very known or used, and some other properties are now much more appreciate. Make sure you get in touch with us today.

Marijuana, known in the slang as weed, pot, skank today is a common topic of many debates, whether it is harmful or not, whether it should be allowed or even more to forbidden?

The author’s view of this text is that those who talk most about marijuana actually know about it less. On marijuana today, politicians gather points ahead of the elections instead of educating and understanding what marijuana is, how it works, what its dangers are, and which might be beneficial.
THC and other active ingredients

Marijuana contains about 400 chemical substances that are antibacterial, but may also cause hallucinations. The main ingredient of cannabis is THC. Skank contains up to 3 times more THC than ordinary dried marijuana.
The action of marijuana

Cannabis is the most used type of marijuana because of its relaxing effect. It is most commonly consumed to mix with tobacco. It can also be smoked, used in tea or mixed with food (known cannabis cakes). Cannabis acts as a mild sedative, relaxes the consumer, calms them or makes them sleepy. Cannabis also:

has a mild hallucinogenic effect and can cause a distortion of reality
is stimulating creativity
works on mood inhibitors, makes the consumer talkative and cheerful
stimulates the appetite

Marijuana as medicine?

A lot has been explored whether marijuana can be used for medical purposes. The biggest problem is that it has a lot of ingredients, so it’s hard to determine how much it is used efficiently and safely. Strong scientific background is lacking, but research and experience are enough to tell more about the certain benefits of cannabis. For example, cannabis can reduce the unwanted effects of chemotherapy. Drugs used in cancer are among the strongest and often cause consecutive vomiting. Marijuana alleviates these negative effects and makes life easier for patients. Multiple sclerosis is another disease where cannabis extract can be useful although research has not been confirmed.

The list of illnesses that can be treated with marijuana is based mainly on allegations. These diseases or symptoms are as follows:

headaches and migraines
prevention of cardiac attack and stroke
Parkinson’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease
sexual indifference (cannabis can stimulate sexual desire)

Marijuana consumption risks

While the positive effects do not have a solid scientific basis, this negative unfortunately do.

Consumption of marijuana reduces the possibility of concentration, reduces motivation, and frequent use in young people can slow down their psychological development. Users can become anxious, tense and suspicious, in extreme cases paranoid. In addition, those who consume Skank (a larger amount of active substances) have the opportunity to develop additional difficulties, even schizophrenia. Cannabis is badly coordinated and can cause driving or walking problems.

Frequent undesirable effects caused by some of the 400 chemical ingredients in marijuana are:

speeding heartbeat
sudden changes in blood pressure
reduced fertility in women

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