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3 Tips And Equipment To Train Like A Pro

You may be aesthetic, but are you athletic? Bodybuilding and the fitness world is all about looking good and having huge muscle to win competitions, but are your muscles really all show and no blow? There’s a difference between having muscles and strength, similarly, there’s also a difference between stamina and muscle profile. An athlete does not develop his or her muscles just to look good but to allow his body to perform better in the choice of sport at a professional or recreation level. Therefore on the surface a bodybuilder may look tough with well tones muscles and size, but in order to reach the fitness level of an athlete, one needs to work out like an athlete.  Here are all the workouts which give you an athletic physique. We also tell you how important weight lifting belts are to become a true athlete.

  1. Train hardcore

Slow and steady movements with the weight may increase your muscle size and definition but they sometimes fail to create the tension in your muscles which makes them tough. In order to do so, pick your biggest lift, whether it’s the bench press, squat, deadlift, or something else. Use a little less weight than you’re used to at first; you’ll catch up soon enough. Now, on the concentric phase, lift that weight as quickly as possible. Then lower the weight, slow and controlled, over 3-4 seconds. Pause for 1 second at the bottom, and explode it back up again. The most important gym accessory you will need for this is a strong weight lifting belt.

  1. Train your core

In order to build an athletic physique, it is a must that you build your core because this is what drives your body to perform the many movements it is designed to produce. The best exercises to train your core are the plank, side planks, bird dogs, cable or medicine ball chops. Here again, a solid weight lifting belt will allow you to do all the tasks without risking any back injury.

  1. Move fast

Athleticism is all about moving fast, if you can’t move fast you’re no good as an athlete. Train your body to move fast by fast paced cardio sessions and challenging weight training sessions with decreased rest times.

  1. Warm up and use proper gym equipment

We often tend to ignore the importance of gym equipment and proper warm up in our training sessions and hence these lead to injuries and other complications. We need a good session of warming up because our muscles need to be prepared for the hardcore training session that is to be followed and hence operating at the highest levels. Therefore, warming up the muscles to protect them from injuries is extremely important. Not only that, most people also think that wearing weightlifting belts is so old school and is not found in the modern gym anymore. However, there is a reason why people wear them, they protect you from most injuries.