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Uses And Side Effects Of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is a steroid used to increase muscle growth and appetite. This steroid is very common amongst people who want to increase their weight. It is advisable to keep on exercising and have some control over the diet in order to get best results from this product. This steroid is used for various other reasons but is also banned in certain countries. Uses and side effects of this steroid is given below:

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Used by body builders:

Body builders also use this steroid as exercising alone does not give the desired results quickly. Trenbolone if added in their journey of building a great body makes their process faster and gives them an energy boost.

Used by athletes:

This steroid is used by athletes as it is a great component which burns fat and increases body mass rather than fat in the body. It also increases the energy level in athletes, helping them in increasing their working out sessions.

Used by cattle ranchers:

This steroid is used by cattle ranchers to help maintain the weight of the cattle. It improves the muscle mass and increasing the appetite of the animal. Is also improves the mineral absorption in the cattle. This steroid is usually given to the cattle which has to be shipped before being slaughtered to help the cattle maintain the weight and muscle mass.

Usage in United States:

This steroid is banned in the United States therefore even possession of this steroid may result in sever action against you. So in case you are residing in this country, remember, not to make use of this steroid ever.

Used by women:

This steroid can lead to sever kinds of viral in women even if it is taken in a very small quantity therefore it is strictly recommended for women to not make use of this steroid ever. There are other steroids available in the market with the help of which women can get their body the look they want.

It has not yet been proved but a lot of people believe that usage of this steroid can be very harmful for the kidneys. Therefore, before you make use of this steroid be very sure and also seek advice from a doctor.

Like all the other steroids one most make sure the amount of the dosage he takes in other to minimize the adverse effect of it. Even after being very careful there are still certain kinds of side effects which you may face while using this steroid. The most commonly reported side effects are as follows:

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  • Increase in the energy level
  • Increase in the heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Being breathless
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Increase in body temperature (but not having fever)
  • Sweating at night while sleeping
  • Dark colored urine
  • Having Nightmares frequently
  • Insomnia
  • Reduced appetite
  • Paranoia
  • Enuresis

Thus, if you are using this steroid and also having any of the above, then make sure you consult a doctor and immediately stop using this product as continuous usage may cause other severe problems. Remember, steroids are an unnatural way to