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Types Of Diets And Some Other Crazy “Non-Diets”

Diets have become a common phenomenon. Therefore, specialists in this matter have developed a wide range of diets. Today, it is possible to say that there is a diet for almost everything. This is really beneficial because in this field, a personalized attention is vital since every person is a different.


A weight loss diets is among the widest used in the market. Obesity is a problem in almost every country. The ‘diet’ industry is growing fast where is needed. Even when this is a more common problem in undeveloped countries, in United States and United Kingdom the obese population is growing with great pace. That is why a weight loss diet is the most used. This specialized in low-fat diets or low-carbohydrates diets. The first one is about eating high fiber, rice, potatoes, and beans. This means your system will not receive any fat, so it will metabolize the one you already have. This will result in low levels of fat in the organism, controlling and decreasing your weight without restricting proteins. Some of these diets are South Beach diet and Mc Dougal’s starch diet.

The second type mentioned before is similar, but it reduces carbohydrates instead of fats. The way it works is similar. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for our systems. Then, the less carbs you eat, the more you consume your reserves. Atkins´ is one of the most followed diets, but others like Dukan and Stillman are widely used.

Even when many people can differ, low-calories diets tend to solve the aforementioned problem. If we restrict the amounts of food and not the types, we keep a necessary balance. But when following a diet, everything is about goals. One can suit you better than other depending on what you want or have.

Other types of diets are those linked to vegetarian habits. This category has as many subdivisions as existing types of vegetarians. For instance, fruitarian diet, lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, vegans, and the list can be endless. These diets are very strict and sometimes can be risky. People who are not used to it may fail or go beyond their body limits.

There are also some specific diets which are not recommended by experts due to the problems you may face while implementing them. Raw food diet is one of those. It´s true that when food is cooked is suffers some transformations regarding its composition and its properties, but it also kills bacteria and enhances some other benefits. Another curious method to lose weight is spending time sleeping. This is called “The Sleeping beauty diet”. The risks are even bigger, because it implies the use of sedatives pills to sleep many more hours. Moreover, it is not safe because not eating at all be bad for your health. There are other crazy diets that imply eating cotton balls, or tapeworms which you should not do under any circumstances.

Taking into account the large amount of diets and the evident risks expose by some of them, the best option will always be to consult a nutritionist to draft the best healthy monthly diet plan.