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9 Easy Habits That Will Reduce Risk Of Liver Disease By 20%

According to various sources, from a third to a half of adults in the United States face some kind of liver disease. Unfortunately, some diseases are caused by genetic factors, and we have practically no influence on the risk of their development. But other diseases – most notably fatty liver, the most common ailment affecting this organ – are preventable. The liver is a real little powerhouse of our body. We will tell you how to protect it from damage.

How to Reduce The Risk Of Liver Disease?

Here are some simple habits that can help protect our health and significantly reduce the risk of liver disease.

Drink Coffee

Extensive research conducted by the American Liver Foundation confirmed that there is a direct relationship between regular coffee consumption and a reduced risk of liver cancer. In those study participants who drank coffee every day, scientists noted a slower formation of scar tissue – fibrosis.

Another interesting finding is that drinking coffee helps to slow the spread of liver cancer and even hepatitis C. So if you care about liver health, drink coffee – but only a natural one! 

Give Up Alcohol

Obvious advice which we, nevertheless, cannot fail to recall is to give up alcohol. There is no safe dose of alcohol; even a small amount is dangerous for the liver. Particular care should be taken by those who have had problems with alcoholism in the past or close relatives who suffered from a painful addiction to alcohol.

However, if you still fall prey to addiction, there are several ways that can help you eliminate it from your life. The most reliable option is to seek assistance from experts. You might be wondering that this process will be expensive; however, you do not need to worry. You can use insurance to pay for alcohol treatment if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield or any other company’s insurance plan.

Give Up Trans Fats

One of the most dangerous ingredients in any food is trans fats. They increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and even fatty liver. Thus, if you want to save yourself from double trouble, you need to give up foods containing artificial trans fats.

You can replace these fats with healthy ones. It is better to increase in your diet the dose of foods containing healthy unsaturated fats – fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils.

Eat More Berries

Our liver is the first defense against all external threats, and foods rich in antioxidants can help improve its functioning. Berries, especially red and black ones, are rich in antioxidants. Some researchers believe that the antioxidants we get from food help the liver neutralize dangerous and harmful substances that enter the body with alcohol or other unhealthy foods and drinks. In addition, antioxidants reduce inflammation and increase liver enzyme activity.

Move More

Aerobic exercise – running, cycling, swimming, playing tennis or badminton – is good not only for the heart and blood vessels but also for our liver. Doctors say that even if you have mild liver inflammation, regular exercise can reduce or even cure it.

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You need to spend 150 minutes per week on seeing more beneficial results. Even if you don’t have time for playing badminton, you can try a carrying light load which is also a healthy activity for the liver. In short, do not just sit in one place if you really want to enjoy good health.

Have A Balanced Diet

The easiest way to reduce developing any sort of disease is to have a more balanced diet. This is the reason many experts recommend the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be healthier than any other diet plan. It has lots of healthy fats and healthy proteins, which improves the overall functioning of the liver. Avoid any sort of junk and sugary food in order to enjoy good health.

Protect Dental Health

Visiting the dentist twice a year and getting timely treatment for dental and gum disease is another habit essential for liver health. There are a number of studies that support a direct link between tooth decay or gum disease and an increased risk of liver disease.

If you have teeth inflammation, there is a high chance of having liver and body inflammation too. Thus, it is necessary to take care of your oral health to minimize the risk of developing liver disease.

Do Not Rely On Supplements

It is rather a common practice that people use supplements to cover for the deficiencies in the body. However, it is not a safe way. FDA does not check the effectiveness of supplements; thus, we cannot claim that they are free from threats.

But what we do know is that these supplements cause liver intoxication, which is threatening to the overall health of a person. Just remember that anything that does not come from a natural source is harmful. Thus, instead of relying on supplements, change your diet to a more balanced one.

Get Tested Regularly

After 40 years, it is worth checking the health of the liver annually – even if there were no cases of liver cancer or other diseases of this organ among your immediate family. Many diseases (first of all, of course, cancer) respond best to therapy if they are detected in the early stages. Therefore, it is important to check your health and carry out regular examinations, even if you are not worried about any unpleasant symptoms. A liver blood test can help identify the problem, don’t skip your visit to a doctor.

Summing Up

It is necessary to pay attention to the liver’s health even if nobody in your immediate family had this problem. You can ensure it by adopting the habits mentioned in this article which will surely reduce the risk of developing any sort of liver disease by 20%.