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Why use a 2:1 Ratio Recovery Protein?

Grueling workouts can tire your muscles. In order to compensate for the energy deficit after each gym session, it is necessary to opt for some healthy and nutritious diet that efficiently compensates your body’s nutritional requirements. Recovery Protein Powder is a scientifically designed enhanced muscle recovery formula for eased soreness and muscle strength. With a novel and quantified blend of Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate, Carbohydrates, Electrolytes and Antioxidants, this makes recovery proteins a crucial part of every athlete’s retrieval strategy.

Why Should Include Recovery Protein in Your Post Workout Routine?

Our Recovery Protein is having a complete set of essential and non-essential proteins, along with carbs, essential ions and antioxidants. It has been scientifically steered to enhance the entire recovery process immediately following training. The remarkable macronutrient profile and presence of proven active ingredients aids in a variety of different body repair functions.

So, say goodbye to muscle soreness and fatigue and give yourself a gust of energy. With an optimal nutrient profile and an array of active ingredients, taking recovery protein will accelerate and reinvigorate the entire recovery process. Post workout nutrient intake is absolutely key to the repair and regrowth of your muscles.

Science Behind Recovery Protein

How to Help Your Body Absorb Protein - Golden Gate Obstetrics & Gynecology

You may ask, isn’t a protein rich diet not enough to build strong muscles? You may eat proteins in all your three meals, but most diets fall short in providing the 9 essential amino acids. We understand that your body requires food with high biological value for maximum protein absorption in the body. Therefore, the quality and quantity of protein you take matters to your muscle. In today’s world, both health experts and sports nutritionists widely acknowledge that what you consume immediately after training can have a profound effect on your recovery. Using a recovery protein in an optimized ratio of 2:1 after tough training sessions has proven to work wonders for athletes throughout the world.

Recovery Protein does precisely the same thing as it contains a quick releasing mix of both carbohydrates (maltodextrin and waxy maize starch) and premium grade proteins (whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein). On the cellular level, there are two basic mechanisms of recovery of muscular strength. One is protein synthesis and the other is muscle glycogen replenishment. For both these mechanisms to carry out normal repair function, it’s essential that you consume a sufficient amount of quick absorbing carbohydrates and protein in the right blend that facilitates their smooth function.

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