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Bulk Supply Hand Sanitiser

As per the world health organisation recommendations, it has become necessary to regularly wash hands for at least 20 seconds to fight Coronavirus. Washing with soap and water quickly became a ritual practiced across the length and breadth of the country. Politicians and healthcare professionals alike would take to the air to reinforce the message – wash your hands. For the many at home or with easy access to washing facilities this was a trivial request and fairly easy to adhere to albeit a bit of a chore!

Unless of course you’re at a busy workplace for example working in the retail industry. Here employees are inflicted with a double whammy. Not only do they barely have enough time to take out for lunch, but they’re constantly darting from one end of the store to another, nipping into the stock room, going out to the shop front and of course frequently coming into contact with customers.

Evidently it isn’t always possible to take time out to follow the soap and water guidelines. So how can you keep the workplace safe for your employees and still remain with the guidelines.

The answer has to be hand sanitiser. It has been universally recommended by healthcare professionals around the world. A good hand sanitiser would contain a minimum of 60% alcohol. There are many on the market today that contain between 60, and 80%.  However using hand sanitiser requires a regular supply to the workplace.   Hand sanitiser can be found with widespread bulk supply in pretty much every country in the world.  This includes the UK.

All that is left now is to find an affordable bulk supply of hand sanitiser.  One such supplier in the UK is Sanitdrop. We have found they can supply bulk hand sanitiser at easily the cheapest rates around. A box of 24 x 500ml bottles comes in at £72.95.  This works out at barely over £3 per bottle.

Once you’ve secured your regular bulk supply you can set up sanitiser stations around the shopfloor and rest areas. Both your employees and customers will gain easy and efficient hand sanitising access keeping them safe from the spread of bacteria and germs.

Effectively fighting off the threat of Coronavirus requires you place a small amount of hand sanitiser into the palm of one hand and then proceed to rub it across your hands, ensuring you go around the back and also between the fingers. Continue to rub until the product has been absorbed and your hands left clean and dry.