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Can I Use Reading Glasses For Computer Work?

Reading glasses are different from computer glasses. These two glasses differ in their properties, lens type and features it provides to the user. Like the name suggests, reading glasses help in comfortable reading and are prescription glasses. However, computer glasses help in eradicating blue light rays and encourage computer work with perfect ease. Hey! Don’t confuse yourself more, if you are new to the spectacle world then let me give you a short guide.

Difference between Reading glasses vs Computer glasses

Computer glasses

Computer glasses are glasses with a blue light coating on its lenses. These blue light coating helps you to fight harmful blue light rays from getting in your eyes. It keeps your eyes safe and protective from continuous blue light rays penetration.

Blue light rays are types of rays that are emitted from all our digital devices, LED lights and the sun itself. These harmful light rays penetrate the retina of the eyes and cause several visual discomfort and problems which makes us break down and get distracted. Here are some of the most common problems caused by blue light rays.

Eye strain and headaches: One of the major well-known eye discomfort caused by blue light rays are eye strain and headaches. Other problems include red-eye, burning sensation, blurry vision and many others. Eye strain and headaches are frequently felt while using the desktop or laptop while working on it or using it for entertainment.

Sleep Deprivation:  Losing your good hours of sleep is also caused by blue light rays. Blue light rays create such a massive impact on your body it stops to secrete the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for causing sleepiness but if you are using your screens late at night, the blue light will keep your brain recharged and gives a false assumption of bright daylight.

Rise of serious eye diseases: Continuous penetration and absorption of blue light rays cause a huge risk of developing eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataract.

Computer glasses help significantly in these situations by bringing down all the negative impacts and making our eyes feel safe and secure. Blue light glasses are simply glasses with an impactful blue light coating that does the work of eliminating blue light rays. You can get the blue light coating on any type of glasses whether its prescription or fake lenses to make it blue light glasses.

Reading glasses

People who are in their 40’s or those individuals who find it quite difficult to read a restaurant menu or a book develop an eye condition called hyperopia. Hyperopia is also known as farsightedness which means that you can easily view things or objects at distance but now at your nearby.

Computer-Glasses.jpg (1600×900)

Reading glasses are prescription glasses similar to your bifocal and varifocal glasses. The lenses in these glasses are crafted in a way that helps to make text appear bigger. With an increase in text size, you won’t have to put a force on your pupils to read or look closely as these glasses do that with ease.

Reading glasses are hence a prescription glasses which works as sight corrective devices to do all the work that needs special focus and concentration. It helps you read books, newspapers, and other close eyes work.

Hence both of these glasses work differently, you can use reading glasses for reading if your eyes turn blurry or painful while focusing on the text written. Or else you can use computer glasses when you read a lot on kindle, or work for hours on screens for active eye protection.

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