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Dansys HS60- Discover the Next Generation in Ultrasound System

The Samsung HS60 is a high-end multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound technology. It is designed to cover a wide range of applications including the abdomen, breast, pediatric, adult cephalic, thyroid, and cardiac by using a dedicated application with advanced 3D imaging features. It is an integrated solution that combines the advanced features of high-quality imaging in order to support healthcare professionals in making accurate decisions without wasting much time. This advanced technology of Samsung HS60 runs on the S-Vision™ imaging engine. It helps to produce clear crystal images with the proper information for various types of applications in general imaging. This Samsung HS60 advanced technology helps physicians to enhance diagnostic confidence during the pre-gestation and pregnancy stage too.

In this Samsung HS60 system, the S-Harmonic™ technology provides the user to view the image clearly from far to near without making any signal noise. By reducing the unnecessary signal noise, the S-Harmonic™ provides more uniform ultrasound clear images. The ClearVision provides clear as well as natural images by offering speckle reduction, and contrast enhancement. The noise reduction technology makes this Samsung HS60 system unique. And, the S-Flow™ helps the users to detect the peripheral blood vessels with the help of Power Doppler imaging technology. It helps to find accurate blood flow result in a few difficult examinations.

Advanced Features of Samsung HS60:

  • 21.5″ LCD monitor
  • 10.1” LCD Touch Screen
  •  Hybrid Full Digital Beam-forming
  • Active 4 Probe Ports
  • Customizable Measurement Menu
  • Customizable Body Maker
  • Rotate adjustable control panel
  • Lock wheels
  • On-board storage for peripherals
  • Quick Scan™
  • ClearVision
  • Front and rear handles
  • S-Harmonic Mode
  • S-Vue Technology (CA1-7AD, CA2-9AD, PA1-5A, CV1-8AD)
  • S-Flow
  • User Configurable Measurement Menu

The HS60 Samsung’s Auto IMT+ semi-automated measurement tool easily analyzes the risk of cardiovascular disease. This Auto IMT+ measures the intima-media thickness of both posterior as well as anterior. This simple procedure of Auto IMT+ helps the user to enhance the examination by adding the diagnostic value. The advanced needle guidance technology of NeedleMate+™ helps the physicians to do their intervention procedures by ensuring precise needle targeting. And, the Beam Steer allows the user to view the linear ultrasound image clearly, and also it improves the visibility of the angle of insonation when the needle is perpendicular to each other.

Enhanced Efficiency

The HS60 Samsung’s advanced designed system helps to reduce the keystrokes. It is a user-oriented system that helps physicians to focus well on their patients by reducing the stress of operating the system.

Quick Preset

The HS60 Samsung’s Quick Preset helps the user to select the transducer as well as the preset combination with one single touch. And, also the Quick Preset maximizes the efficiency to scan easily, even on a full day.


The EZ-Exam+™ enables the user to use the predefined protocols by transforming the ultrasound examination into an organized streamlined process.


The HS60 Samsung’s EZ-Compare™ helps the user to access the system easily by viewing the side-by-side images. The EZ-Compare™ automatically matches the image setting and the bodymarks.

Advanced QuickScan

The Advanced QuickScan optimizes the image with one single touch. The HS60 Samsung’s advanced technology provides both grayscale and Doppler parameters.

S-Vision™ Imaging Engine

The S-Vision™ imaging engine effectively removes the unnecessary signal noise in order to get the artifacts resulting in clear, tissue uniformity.


This new S-harmonic™ technology provides a greater image uniformity from far to near to field by reducing the unnecessary signal noise.

The specially designed cardiac solution has many quantifications functions like Strain+ and Stress Echo. The Strain+ is an advanced quantification tool in order to measure the wall motion of LV it is nothing but the left ventricle. The Strain+ automatically contour the segmental wall and calculate the data strain. The HS60 Samsung’s advanced technology increases the efficiency of diagnostic with the user-friendly interface, intuitive visualization, with a procedure guide. The three standards of Strain+ LV (left ventricle) views and a Bull’s eye are displayed on the screen for the quick assessment of the LV function. The StressEcho helps the user to report the pharmacologic StressEcho, diastolic StressEcho, exercise StressEcho as well as the user-programmable StressEcho.

Enhanced the 5D diagnostic confidence with the 5D NT™and 5D Follicle™ solution. The 5D NT™ reduces the first-trimester fetal (NT) nuchal translucency. With 5D NT™ allows the physicians to obtain the mid-sagittal plane automatically by auto-zooming the image. This HS60 Samsung’s 5D NT™ advanced technology is very much helpful in difficult fetal position cases. The 5D Heart Color™ allows the physicians to view the cardiac structure as well as the blood flow structure while examination.

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Designed for Your Convenience

21.5-inch LED Monitor: 

The HS60 Samsung’s advanced feature is a 21.5-inch LED monitor. It helps to deliver the images competently with a crystal-clear view.

10.1-inch Touchscreen

The Samsung HS60 10.1-inch touchscreen is highly sensitive. It allows the user to interact efficiently during the examination.

 Solid State Drive (SSD)

The HS60 Samsung’s solid-state drive (SSD) allows faster boot-up with fast processing speeds by a stable and dependable drive.

Low noise

This HS60 Samsung’s quiet device allows the physical exams to be performed while the ultrasound system is turned on without making any noise.

Clever Use of Space

With compact weight and size, the HS60 Samsung’s system takes less place and can move anywhere freely.

Why Do you Need to Choose Dansys?

To overcome the challenges women, face and to make a better future for women. Dansys Group is committed to supporting the healthcare industry throughout the nation by providing innovative technology in order to improve the overall health of women by ensuring their satisfaction. Dansys Group has 13 years of experience in providing the leading medical equipment throughout the nation. The Dansys HS60 Samsung’s technology is an FDA-approved technology in UAE. Dansys Group is a top-rated global medical equipment provider throughout the UAE.

HS60 Samsung system is an integrated solution that offers a new outstanding experience for medical professionals in diagnosis. Go and explore the new features of HS60 Samsung’s at Dansys Group. Get this advanced Samsung HS60 device to your clinic today!