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Having The Desired Obesity Surgery In Ekol Hospitals

Ekol International Hospitals, accredited by international independent bodies, provide services patients from all around the world by combining the foremost compelling treatment strategies with exclusive price alternatives.

Ekol International Hospitals was established in 2007 initially as E.N.T hospital by the BAZ Group of Companies in Izmir, Turkey. The hospital was the first and largest branch hospital in Europe in those years.  In the following years, successful surgical results and satisfied patients have helped the institution grow day by day with their Professors, Associate Professors and specialist surgeons.

Experienced Team Providing The Best Medical Services In Its Region

Today, Ekol  Hospitals is the biggest Medical& Health provider in its region with the highest patient-satisfaction rate.

Patients from the UK and Ireland comment very positively on the services and declare their satisfaction with the fast and trouble-free service they receive, combining successful medical interventions and a patient-oriented approach from each member of staff, including experienced surgeons, nurses and international team.

One of their patients from the UK, Kelly, explains her experience with Ekol Hospitals as follows:

‘’ Hello, I’m Kelly. I come from England. I’ve had all my tests this morning and I’ve been treated very well. Everybody is really nice and helpful. I was taken from the airport, I was fine. There was no problem at all. I mean it was very simple and I’ve been treated very nice since I’ve been here. No quarantine at all.’’

And her words for the post-operation period:

‘’This is my second day post-op. I’ve started drinking water today and it felt brilliant. I’ll be going home late tonight and tomorrow morning, early hours tomorrow morning. Everything has been really fine. I’ve actually quite enjoyed my experience. Thank you!’’

Ekol International Team

“We become as family members with our patients when they arrive at our hospital and receive our services. We easily create a bond with them based on trust and reliance. After seeing happy patients satisfied with their results of the surgeries we are more proud of what we are doing and we love our job more.” is the common feeling among Ekol International Patient Department team members.

The patient oriented service mentality, the most modern equipment and devices, the state of the art technology units and the operating theatres, the innovative service presentation make Ekol International Hospitals number one in their field and this makes patients rely on them with every single procedure and intervention they will receive in their Safe, Simple and Secure journey.