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How to Overcome the Past Painful Emotional Feelings

Have you ever heard of havening? Well, whether you have heard of it or not, I am going to bring to you a clear view of what it really is and its related uses. Havening is among the latest discoveries in the field of psychological treatment. With a scientific origin, it is majorly used to help people who are having problems with managing stress, past events that were very painful and traumatic, and many other problems that keep coming to someone’s mind yet they are in the past.

John Nolan, having been in the havening technique field for over five years now, has exceptional experience that can help anyone going through this emotional pain to recover and lead a good life thereafter. Here are some of the ways he uses to help many people with this type of related problem get a lasting solution from it.

  • By talking to the person
  • Havening therapy
  • Eye movements
  • Visualizations

Talking to the Victim

In many cases, when a person goes through a very painful event in life like rape, most of the victims normally keep quiet and never share with many people as a result of fear and being degraded. John Nolan uses the havening techniques, one of them is talking to the victim who has painful moments when they recall the event and what happened to them. While talking to them, they are able to speak out about the painful moments and are released from the silence and inbuilt pain. When the victims speak out, the memory is emptied of the events and the painful story that has been lying there for all that time.


Havening Therapy

Through therapy, the body is normally released from many different pains that might be eating a person up. However, it has come to the knowledge of scientists that it can also help in relieving and dealing with past events. The havening technique has been used to help many people get rid of what can be termed as a painful journey that began after a major event in their lives.


Just from the word, you can understand what it is all about. This havening technique is simple but the effect is so awesome that you can’t afford to ignore it. Through visualizations, the brain is made to have a moment from what it is used to thinking about, and through that, the storage memory gets emptied of the difficult emotions.