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A Change of Pace: Big Reasons to Consider Locum Tenens

Last updated on August 25, 2020

Consider Locum Tenens

No matter how satisfied a medical professional might be with their career, there is no denying that the chance of burnout can be very high in the medical sector. Continually being bombarded with responsibilities while trying to utilize your talents the best you can, it is no wonder why so many physicians are suffering a form of burnout in one way or another.

It is just one of the many reasons why so many have taken the plunge and signed up with a reputable locum tenens company such as It can offer a change of pace in ways that other career choices cannot match. Here are a few big reasons to consider locum tenens.

Acquiring A Newfound Purpose

While you are undoubtedly helping people and saving lives no matter where you work, there is no denying that it can sometimes feel like your talents are not fully utilized. It is the kind of problem that often comes near the end of a career, where your seniority puts you in a relatively comfortable position. While there are some that would happily welcome such a routine, not everyone is content with sitting on the sidelines.

It is the reason why many older physicians close to retirement try to change things up by shifting their careers to locum tenens. It allows you to find a new purpose, as you can communicate with your agency to send you to remote areas that are most in need of your talents.

An Excellent First Step Into Your Chosen Career

Veteran physicians are likely to benefit from a career in locum tenens, but what about the novice practitioner looking to prove themselves in the health sector? Looking for a career in locum tenens early on can be a logical decision, as it will act as a crash course in your chosen medical field without necessarily slowing you down with administrative duties. In other words, it will help you focus on what you do best without the extra responsibilities that come with a typical career in medicine.

As if that was not enough, locum tenens gives you a chance to experience different conditions with different communities. Whether rural or urban, each assignment gives you an experience you likely will not find anywhere else.

The Potential To Pay Off Student Debt

Unfortunately, many physicians have to deal with paying student debt early on in their careers. While working hard and focusing on a single medical facility will get results, there is potential to pay off student debt much quicker in the locum tenens industry. The agency can send you to remote areas that are most in need of your services – which will undoubtedly translate into higher pay.

While there is nothing wrong with pursuing a traditional career in the healthcare industry, the demand for locum tenens is ever-increasing. Many physicians endorse the locum route as it helps provide experience without necessarily bogging you down with other responsibilities.