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Different Types Of Bidets

Bidets are a great addition to your bathroom as they help you to maintain your personal hygiene in a more sustainable manner. And the best part is that a bidet will pay for itself in the long run given all the money you will save on toilet paper costs.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing one then it is best that you read this blog in order to understand what are the different types of bidets available and what are the various aspects that you need to consider before you make your final choice.

  Here Are All The Different Types Of Bidets You Will Find:

  • Portable Bidet Sprayer: This is also known as a travel bidet, these types of bidets can come in either manual or battery operated variations. Designed to be compact so that they can be easily stored away, these bidet sprayers have a water storage tank/bottle and a nozzle.

In a manual or non-electric version, you will simply fill the bottle and squeeze the bottle to use the bidet whereas in an electric portable bidet, there is a small pump fitted that pushes the water from the nozzle. 

The main thing to consider here will be the size of the bidet, especially if you are using it to travel, you see space in the luggage comes at a premium.

  • Bidet Sprayer Kit (Handheld Sprayers): A bidet spray or sprayer kit consists of a hose pipe and a handheld spray gun that has an in-built trigger to control the pressure of water when the bidet is in use.

A bidet spray is one of the most economical options when it comes to bidets and can be easily installed utilising existing water connections.

The main things to look out for when buying a handheld bidet sprayer kit include, what comes out of the box i.e. it should contain all the parts that you need to install it and get , the presence of a back-flow prevention valve and the quality of the bidet sprayer i.e. is it non-corrosive.

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  • Bidet Attachment: This type of a bidet simply attaches to an existing toilet seat and can be controlled using a controller that comes built into the attachment. A very economical option in terms of the cost of the device and in terms of installation.

Some things to keep in mind include the width of the toilet and if all the parts required to install the device come in the box.

  • Manual Bidet Seat: A manual bidet seat is a toilet seat that comes with a bidet sprayer attached to it. It also comes with a controller that provides a number of different functions including posterior and feminine. 

The main thing to look out for when buying a bidet seat is the shape and dimensions of your existing toilet suite. Make sure that you take a note of these before you choose a bidet seat. Also, ensure that you have a backflow prevention valve fitted at the point of water supply, if required by your local legislation.

  • Electric (Smart) Bidet Seat: The best in terms of bidets you will get in the market. These are bidet seats that come with a number of different features including posterior, feminine, swing, massage and enema. That’s not all, you also get a heated seat, an air dryer for after-cleaning purposes and a self-cleaning nozzle. 

Some things to keep in mind include, the shape and dimensions of your toilet bowl, presence of an electric connection near the toilet suite and the need of a backflow prevention valve.

  • Standalone Bidet: This is a completely separate fixture that needs to be installed in the bathroom and is roughly the size of a toilet suite. The big question here before you decide to buy one is whether you have the space to accommodate it or not.