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Sit-Stand Desks in an Office Fit-out Design for Employees Health and Enhanced Productivity

An organization’s success depends on employee’s health and wealth being. Employees working at the desks for long hours struggle with upper or lower back pain and neck discomfort. People need posture change across the day and move freely. Take breaks from sitting or it can badly impact an employee’s productivity. For better health, there needs to be a balance between standing, sitting, and walking every day.

How to Resolve this Issue?

Encourage your employees to move sufficiently and not sit for a long time. They need to be active when they work. If you are planning office refurbishment Londonthen choose GXI Group for your project. The team is well-versed and experienced in any size of fit-out projects in a variety of sectors.

Consider sit-stand workstations because it helps to increase alertness, offers better posture, and enhances efficiency. This can mitigate the cost of investing in ergonomic adjustable workstations.

You can opt for jogging desks, sit-stand stools, and activity room in office refurbishment a practical measure to make your workers use their feet. Mobile technology is suitable for agile working principles. If staff is not tied to a desk, then the chances to create a flexible working culture increase.

Why Consider sit-Stand Desks?

  • Disengaged employees struggle in generating new ideas, resolve issues, and fuel innovation. This costs the company money, so it is essential to make them productive. Sitting at a desk and changing postures can help. Raising their desks according to their height, they can stand as well as work efficiently without losing their concentration. Switching postures quickly and easily while working has helped employees to stay active, alert, and energetic.
  • A sedentary lifestyle increases the chance of increasing weight, developing diabetes, heart disease, and even depression. Regular workouts are essential, so at the workplace, a sit-stand desk helps to reduce back pain, increase blood flow, burn calories and enhance posture. Introducing sit-stand desks encourages a health-conscious environment.
  • Sitting in front of the desk all day, every day is boring and employees can find it hard to concentrate. It seems monotonous, even if they are working in a private office or open space. They need easy access for moving across the day, a 30 minutes break or a couple of 5-minute washroom visits are not enough. Sit-stand desks allow them to transit seamlessly from sitting to standing, thus enhancing their concentration and thinking capabilities.

Besides, encouraging a health-conscious environment there is also a need to add some color to the space.

  • Blue offers a positive impact on productivity, so is great for open workspaces.
  • Red if used sparingly fosters increased efficiency, so use it as highlights in breakout areas.
  • Yellow inspires collaboration.
  • Green radiates calmness.

Colors can be introduced in lots of ways like through flooring, carpets, ceiling, furniture, and natural textures like living walls or rustic benches. You can even hang some colorful art to liven the workspace. It is also an awesome idea to create a cool color theme for every desk instead of the standard black and blue.

Hire professionals for an ideal office fit-out design!