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Brief Guide To The Dry Needling Method

Have you recently heard about the dry needling method and wishes to learn more? Or are you someone who wishes to try the method and want to know briefly about it before trying? Or do you just randomly wish to know more about this therapy? Well the following article consists of all the necessary information regarding the method that you should know before going for it.


It is the modern needle therapy method in correspondence to the old and traditional chinese acupuncture therapy method. Janet G. Travell first used the term in her book that was published in 1983. In the book, she did not elaborate the process much but gave an overview of the process. The process has no scientific basis and involves the use of needles to heal the muscles and tissues directly.

Method Involved

  • If you wish to know about the method that is used and the steps involved then here is a quick answer. The dry needling method involves more than one procedure to heal the muscles and the pains. This depends on the muscle and the type of injury that needs to be healed. But all the methods involve only the use of needles. These needles are rel;atively bigger in width and length as compared to the needles used in the acupuncture method.

Benefits And Treatments It Offers

  • You might have an idea that the dry needling method is used only for the treatments but you shall be surprised to know that the dry needling method is also used to keep you healthy and fit. Many people go through the therapy to make their lifestyles healthier. The cures that it offers involves the most common lower back pain relieves as well as sport injuries treatment. It helps in healing your migraine and headaches. Neck pain can also be treated by this method.

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