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Meet Tej Kohli and Dr. Sanduk Ruit, the Knight in Shining Armours for The Blind

“Those Who Cannot See, See The Most.”

Blindness is one of the most concerning problems all around the world. As of 2022, there are over 1 billion cases of blindness today. Surprisingly, most people consider blindness to be completely treatable. However, most cases of blindness, that are caused due to cataracts are treatable. The only obstacle is limited access and lack of financial means.

Thankfully, Tej Kohli and Dr Sanduk Ruit’s foundation has been a knight in shining armour for blinds across the world. Here’s a sneak peek of what their foundation does and what they have achieved.

  • Tej Kohli, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and visionary and Dr. Saduk Ruit, also known as the “God of Eye” and a world-class ophthalmologist have come together for the joint venture of helping the economically backward see, and live the life they deserve. While the venture is wholly funded by the Kohli family, Dr. Sanduk Ruit have been the expert offering his years of experience and expertise in ophthalmology to make their joint mission a success.
  • Together, Tej Kohli and Dr. Sanduk Ruit’s foundation has screened over 128, 094 people with blindness. Out of this number, over 14,000 people have been cured of blindness.

Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation: A Lasting Legacy Of Change

  • The foundation has set up numerous outreach camps in the economically backward suburbs of Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and North Korea, Rwanda, Tanzania, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan, to provide better access to medical infrastructure.
  • The foundation has joined hands with the Evening Standard in London to raise awareness and share stories and experiences of the blind.
  • Leading medical institutes of Ophthalmology, such as Tilganda Institute of Ophthalmology, Ramlal Golchha Eye Hospital, and Fatehbal Eye Hospital have been partnered with to ensure top-notch, and most advanced technology and equipment, and expert medical services for the blind.

With so many achievements, and these many milestones, it’s not the end; it’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more to achieve, for which both the co-founders of the foundation are well prepared! Lives can be changed if you believe they can be changed.