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Are Period Delay Pills Worth Taking?

Making sure that your body responds to how you want it can bring consequences. Sometimes, these can be favorable while mostly they leave an impact. The former can also bring some negatives that you take lightly. However, it will depend on the method or the product you choose. Women like to avoid periods intentionally.

This will mean them taking contraceptive pills and medications that the doctor can prescribe. Access Doctor is an online pharmacy that offers on-demand period delay consultation services with next day delivery of period delay tablets.

Either way, the final result is a delay in your periods and what you want. But not everything seems easy after the resumption of periods. If you plan to take these methods, we advise you to take this 5 minute read into the account.

Why do Women Take Period Delay Pills? 

However we want to take their stance lightly, women do have a say in their body changes. And a big issue they do not want to take openly is periods. Many women believe that delaying their periods is their need more than a choice. For instance, going on trips cannot require taking an extra pack or two of drying pads. Or when they have to attend a gathering or an event. The basic purpose or the reason they give is that periods are painful. And for this, we must respect their stance and the issue it can create.

Moreover, women like to make sure they remain in a free state of mind. Not every outing requires pills and medications for the period of delay. Women during office jobs can take these pills to be at ease of mind. In essence, this approach can be wrong, but when you bring up the arguments, it is women that get the benefit of the doubt. While taking pills and the right ones can be the next debate, we have your back here. Below, we bring a few medications and pills and how they can behave with your body.

We hope they answer the debate.

How to Delay your Periods? 

Delaying your periods will require you to take the medication or pills. In general, there are two options for you to select from.

  1. Taking Norethisterone, a medication
  2. Using contraceptive pills

You can delay your periods using other dedicated pills such as phasic pills and mini pills. However, using these can bring consequences for you.


Norethisterone is not a contraceptive pill but a prescription medication. Doctors suggest these to patients for a short-time delay of their periods. This medicine stops or delays your period for around 17 days. The method to stop your period blood is simple. It blocks your womb’s lining so it does not shed blood. And this way, your periods remain stopped. In essence, the medicine works by keeping your progesterone levels up in your body.

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There is a necessary directive regarding how to use the medication. Doctors suggest you take the medication around 3 days before your period begins. And then you can continue for around 17 days. This will take 20 days altogether. Your periods will resume around 2 to 3 days after you stop this medication.


Norethisterone is a safe medication in comparison to pills. It artificially stops your periods but does not offer long-time delaying of your periods. And after the medication, your periods resume normally. It is advisable for women to not take this medicine regularly but with a gap.

Combined Pills 

Combined contraceptive pills offer a 7-day relief period for women. In addition, they can be consumed in packs and back-to-back. At first, it is about how these pills happen to keep your periods delayed. Once you consume back-to-back packs of these pills, your estrogen and progesterone levels remain high. This consequently prevents your womb lining from shedding blood and your periods remain away for around 7 days.

However, once you finish the second pack of the medication, your hormones will reduce in the levels. It will result in the withdrawal bleed. Often brands offer two packs of these pills for consumption. But certain brands also happen to have offered three packs of medications.


Using a two-pack medication brand is effective and safe for usage. Often women take three packs at a time, while some even consume four packs. Then some women do not stop and continuously consume the packs. It can lead to breakthrough bleeding and also result in spots. We still suggest that you consult a doctor before going to the extreme. And even with a two-pack method.

Phasic and Mini Pill 

Other methods to delay the period are consuming phasic pills and the mini pill. Phasic pills come with different levels of hormones in each pill. Thus, their prediction can go slightly wrong. Moreover, you cannot consume them pack to pack like combined pills. With a mini pill, you will get completely different results even using the same product. Around 2 in every 10 women claim that a mini pill stops their bleeding. While others say periods can either continue regularly or irregularly even with taking the pills. Both of these pills require you to consult your doctor before beginning the course.

Bottom Line

Period delay pills are a personal choice that can be worth taking for some women. However, it is important to consult with your doctor or you could reach out to Access Doctor to see if this option is right for you and to understand the possible risks and side effects associated with these medications.