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4 Products That Are Not Halal

According to July 2014 updates, Canadian government has introduced and approved new rules for halal foods and drugs to be used. This was due to the amendment in the Halal Foods and Drugs Act according to which manufacturers and sellers of halal food products need to ensure new halal labeling on their items.


This was the step taken by the government in response to the issues raised companies that offer Halal certification Canada. The step has been considered as a positive move towards recognizing the importance of Muslims in the country. The concerns raised by halal certification agencies in Canada were based on the customer’s demand pertaining with the informed consent. The new labels will be effective from 2016 under the authority of CFIA.

So, what does informed consent have to do with that? Why is halal certification even necessary? You will get your answers if you read further. There are 5 major products/businesses you can associate the word “halal” with:

  1. Meat and Poultry

According to the principles of Islamic laws, there are certain food sources that have been prohibited. For example pork (pig meat), reptile meat, snake meat, donkey meat, and the meat animals that eat flesh, have been restricted. While there are obvious reasons for the restrictions, let’s assume it’s a religious culture.

Furthermore, the meat from approved sources must be gathered after approved methods of sacrifice. If the meat suppliers ensure these methods, they will be awarded with halal certification. Same goes for the poultry products, that their sources must be the ones that are termed as halal by Islam.

  1. Food Products

Food products include many of ingredients that are not approved under Islamic laws. Therefore, in order for the food product to be used by Muslims, it must be attested by halal certification agencies. They will evaluate the product on the basis of the approved list of halal items, and rate it as halal (allowed) or haram (prohibited).

  1. Drugs

Same is true for drugs. However, Islamic laws are slightly flexible with respect to drugs and medicines. According the Islamic scholars, prohibited items are allowed is drug ingredients, if they are used within certain limits.

So, a drug is also approved and tested by halal advisory board and receive a certificate of approval upon clearance.

  1. Drinks and Beverages

According to Islamic laws, Muslims cannot drink wine or anything that includes any amount of alcohol. In fact, such drinks are strictly prohibited in the religion. While most of the soft drinks are not prohibited, some energy drinks must provide evidences of absence of alcohol and other prohibited ingredients.

Islamic laws also take into consideration the services offered by the people and approve or reject them on the basis of nature of work. For example, traditional mode of interest and insurance isn’t allowed in the religion. There are alternative rules for financial transactions in the religion. However, these laws are yet to be taken under consideration. For the time being, halal certification is limited to manufacturing items that are used as food or drinks.

Losing Weight With The Help Of Healthy Drinks Combined With Fitness

If you have decided to lose excess weight, then you know that the only way to achieve that is with a combination of exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. Start exercising regularly by taking boot camp fitness classes. But there are certain drinks that can speed up the process of burning fat and help you lose weight faster.


This is a list of the most effective potions that you should include in your diet and drink them regularly if you want to lose weight quickly and naturally without the use of various pills or shakes for weight loss that can have side effects.

1.Detox Juices

They are most reliable drink in the fight against excess weight, and you can easily make it in your kitchen using fruit, vegetables or a combination of both. It is known that citrus fruit have powerful detox capabilities and should certainly add them to your diet. Foods high in fiber and antioxidants, such as ginger, carrots and apples are also recommended because they can improve digestion.
These juices have double effect – they will help you get rid of toxins, chemicals and other dangerous substance accumulated in the intestine, and lose weight fast and naturally.

2.Vegetable juices

The best kind of vegetables for weight loss includes broccoli, cauliflower, radish, kale, cabbage, green salad and carrots. Regardless of whether you should mix with other fruits and vegetables this group of vegetables will be the best weapon in the fight against weight and cleansing of toxins. Additional profits will be fighting free radicals and balancing hormone levels. Cabbage is rich in natural phytonutrients that are perfect for reducing accumulated fat, inflammation and control blood sugar, stimulating metabolism and providing thorough general detoxification.

3.Green Tea

Green tea is valued because of the numerous benefits and weight loss is just one of them. One cup of green tea a day will supply you with antioxidants and will help you lose fat faster and speed up metabolism. It is perfect for losing calories as well as increasing overall energy levels and reduce appetite.

4. Homemade Cranberry and Pear juice

Fruit juices are delicious and simple to prepare, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition, you can drink plenty of fruit combinations but the pear and the cranberries are the most efficient in weight losshave the highest levels of vitamin C. This combination stimulates the metabolism, increases energy levels and provides essential vitamins and proteins. Cranberries are necessary to prevent bladder infections. Pears will provide you with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C and calcium.


Ifconsumed normally,blackcoffeecan havea multitude ofhealthbenefits -not only containsantioxidants thatfight freeradicals andreduces the risk ofcancer, itmayreduce the risk ofdiabetesand heart disease.At the sametime,caffeine isideal forstimulating themetabolism andcalorie loss. But ifyou want to loseweight, you should drink itwithout milkand sugar.

What Does Collagen Do?

There are several ways to keep your skin appear good and feeling young and one of them is to make use of a collagen cream. It is crucial though, to know the ingredients of the product you anticipate to apply on your face. What is Collagen and what does Collagen do?

Collagen-and-Elastin.jpg (500×335)

Collagen is basically a protein component that is found in the collage cream. This particular substance is most available on our skin, hair and nails. To augment the loss of collage on your skins, collagen creams are made available which help sin keep the moisture of your skin and help prevent water loss. On the other hand, in order to know what does collagen do for your skin, it is imperative that you first understand what it does to your skin and what it is actually made up of?

Our skin has multi-layers and the inner most layer is known as the dermis which is composed of the nerves, cells, blood vessels and hair follicles. It is also mainly made up of collagen which is a kind of protein. This basically serves as a framework of the skin along with the fibers where the blood vessels and cells lie. Having collagen in this layer is beneficial in maintaining the body temperature and also helps protect the inner organs. It has great elasticity and can well adapt to the environment.

Having sagging skin with wrinkles and other aging signs is due to lack of collagen cells as it also loses elasticity. As the composition of collage is big enough to get into the dermis layer and to be absorbed by the body, it does not replenish or strengthen the collagen structure of the skin. It just stays on the skin’s surface and gets washed away as we take bath. It has been stated that it also makes wrinkles disappear, but this concept has not yet been proven.

Taking utmost care of your skin and assuring that you would avoid pre-mature aging it quite better. As they state, prevention is a lot better than cure. Although the situations are irreversible, there are several options to consider such as collagen creams and ointments that you can opt for.  However, there are numerous natural remedies that you can consider. Check with a renowned dermatologist first before you start using a natural collagen cream.

Topic: How To Train Your Dog With Games

So, you have decided to teach a few lessons to your dog. Do you have a training plan in mind? Are you familiar with any dog training program that you can implement easily? Do you know how you can train your dog and get the best out of him? If you failed to answer any of these questions, don’t feel bad about it. There are plenty of other people out there dealing with the same issue. And more, you’re at the right place to learn the basics of dog training and the best method to train your pet.

There are different kinds of training methods designed to teach pets how to behave in public or at home. The earlier you invest in such methods, the better it is for you and your dog. Starting with the basic DIY training, you can extend the course for in-depth and more serious training modules. For this purpose, you may want to enroll yourself in a dog training certification program. You can visit and get the latest updates on training.

Coming back to the basic programs, you can start behavior training by using games. Let’s see how you can help your dog walk on track with the help of this particular training method.

Think Before Playing

Although, there is a possibility of training new commands with the help of games, a better idea would be to reinforce those commands that you have already given to your dog. Moreover, you can practice new commands in areas where there is less distraction and low noise.

Work Before Play

Build a habit in your dog to work before playing games. It means, you can show your dog his favorite toy and give impression that the play is about to start any moment, but he will be allowed to play when he follows your commands. You can try commands like “Sit, “Lay”, or “Down”. When the dog complies, start the play.

But you dog may not respond the way you wanted. If it happens, simply leave the place for few minutes. Then repeat the same command and see how he responds. Your dog will soon learn that he has to respond quickly to start the play.

Game Should Be Learning Opportunity

While playing games, you’ll have opportunities to reinforce training commands. For example, you can practice the command “drop it” when your pet has a ball in his mouth. If you see him dropping the ball quickly, restart the game. If he doesn’t, walk away from him for a while. That’ll teach him a lesson!

If you have dog trainer certification, you can easily reinforce other commands in the same manner. Select the relevant tools (toys) according to the commands.

Unwanted Behavior Should Be Stopped

You can use games to stop undesirable behavior in your pet. Actions such as mouthing and jumping can be stopped with the help of games. As soon as your dog exhibits unwanted behavior, stop the game then and there. It will be enough to teach him that he should not make the same mistake again.

The Significance of Green Coffee Bean Extract To Weight Loss

Being fat is one issue that many people are facing these days. Keeping our weight appropriate prevents several medical conditions from taking place. Moreover, knowing that you have got rid of those additional pounds make us feel great about ourselves. As losing weight naturally like keeping a balanced and healthy diet and doing exercise regularly is the best thing to do, it requires a lot of time and effort. There are numerous natural supplements that can aid us lose weight quickly and also help improve our overall health, although, and one of them is the green coffee bean extract supplement.

10 Green Coffee Extract

The green coffee bean extract is basically derived from the unroasted coffee beans, which is what sets it apart from the coffee that we drink regularly. The coffee beans are roasted to reduce if not completely eliminate their bitter taste. On the other hand, this approach makes coffee beans lose a considerable amount of a useful substance known as the chlorogenic acid.

The chlorogenic acid plays an extremely vital role in the formation of the additional fat in the body. After we have eaten, the glucose/sugar enters the bloodstream. This promotes the liver to generate insulin, which makes the body store this energy from glucose as fat. Having appropriate levels of chlorogenic acid in the body inhibits this entire process from taking place, although. This indicates that the chlorogenic acid helps in preventing the formation of fat in the human body. As a result, the green coffee bean extract supplement can supply the body with the right amount of chlorogenic acid to prevent the building of fat.

The effectiveness of this supplement has been scientifically proven by several studies. The results have been amazing. Al those people who have been taking supplement were able to shed quite few pounds compared to the ones who do not intake this green coffee bean supplement.

As the effectiveness of this supplement for weight loss is its popular benefit, its benefits are not just limited to weight loss. As it also helps get rid of free radicals, it protects the body from getting different other diseases. Moreover, what comes along with healthy and natural ways of weight loss are further benefits like lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health for all those who are hypertensive.

For all those people who prefer to lose weight and improve their quality of life can opt for the green coffee bean extract supplement without any fear of side effects. To maximize its effects, nevertheless, positive attitude and discipline should be maintained.


How To Find The Best Gym?

Isn’t it hard to stay fit and be in shape all the time? When you are at the certain age, where your growth usually stops and you have to take care of so many things, your diet, physique, shape and fitness. To stay fit all the time requires some things from you. You have to do regular exercises otherwise you can lose the shape in few days. At the certain age when you stop exercise, your body starts to go again in the bad shape. We are here to tell you few things that will definitely help you. If you really want to take care of your body then you need a proper and regular exercise. And, if you cannot do it at home then you need to join a proper gym.

content.jpg (625×469)

Why join a gym?

Most of the people don’t have time for the gym and they just want the quick tips so that they can stay fit and work all day long in the office. If you are one of those people then you have a bad news coming. There is no quick tip to stay fit. If you are willing to compromise on the exercise then sooner or later, you are going to lose the body shape. If you are not sure about the gym you want to join then wrigleyville gym is a better option for you. Joining the gym will give you some great benefits. First of all you can have a proper routine for exercises. Then you will find a proper and professional trainer for yourself who will guide you properly that how you can keep yourself in the shape.

Where to look for?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. If you have a gym near your home then it is the best possible solution for you. If you are looking to go away from your home so that you can run to the gym and then straight away hit the machines then it is also a good option for you. Either way you can join the gym and can maintain the body shape and physique.

If you are unable to find the gym near your house and you cannot go far from your home then bring the gym at home. For staying in shape you don’t need all the machines. For running, use treadmills and few rods can be enough for you.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Hookah Pen

So you want to know the pros and cons of hookah pens. Before you do that, you would already be aware of what a hookah pen actually is. There are several different kinds of hookah pens available, and their pros and cons certainly vary. However, the prime aspect here to consider is if a hookah pen is the best option as per your lifestyle.

Bastone-Mini-Group-Pic-1-copy.jpg (800×607)

Pros of Smoking A Hookah Pen

  • Portability – One of the biggest advantages of using a hookah pen is that it is quite easy to travel with. A hookah pen is approximately the size of a cigarette or an ink pen. Due to that, you can easily carry it along just about anywhere you go.
  • No Tobacco – another great advantage of using hookah pen for smoking is that it does not include tobacco. If it already did, you might as well smoke a cigarette.
  • No Nicotine – The chemical that most people get addicted to while smoking cigarettes is Nicotine, and the best part is that a hookah pen does not have any of it. If you have ever tried smoking a cigarette, regular hookah shisha or a hookah pen with nicotine, then you will most likely have the experienced ‘hit’ at the back of your throat. Basically that ‘hit’ is due to nicotine.
  • Disposable – In the present times, none of us really have enough time for stuff such as charging extra electronics. People now prefer buying them, opening and using them. Why these hookah pens be any different? If you do not mind continually recharging your hookah pen, then this can be another great advantage for you.
  • No Cleaning Needed – With disposable hookah pens, you do not have to spend longer hours cleaning the cartridges. You would be able to spend more hours smoking.

Cons of Smoking A Hookah Pen

  • Less Smoke – While you are smoking a hookah pen, you will notice that you get less smoke than you typically would do if you have been smoking a conventional hookah.
  • Expensive – Depending on the brand you are using, smoking a hookah pen could be a lot more costly. However, for some it could be less expensive.

Going through the pros and cons of smoking a hookah pen, you would still be unsure if hookah pens are good for you or not. I would recommend you to at least give it a try.

Some Interesting Facts About MRE

Food has always been the first priority of humans. No matter what the situation is, food is always necessary to survive in the world. Have you ever thought that how the military persons and the boy scouts get the food when there is disastrous situations going all around? Of course, food is important for them as well but how did they manage to get the food in this situation?

MREs are the special food that are made for the military persons and the people working in severe conditions. Actually MRE stands for Meals, Ready to Eat which are the ready-made food packaged for the emergency needs. It is an independent bundled supper and was came into being as armed force apportions. Today it is used as an emergency meal for military persons, armed forces, meals ready to eat for disastrous situations, etc.

Consider the situation where you have nothing to eat and the country is going towards starvation, MRE can provide the best solution in this case. You can also get mre wholesale packages in case of any emergency situation or you need the food for military purposes. XMRE has also been mentioned on national TV keeping in view its popularity.

Some Interesting Facts about MRE:

Here are a few interesting facts about MRE (Meals Ready to Eat):

  • The Meals Ready to Eat are first served in 1980 to the soldiers and had replaced the Meal Individual which had been used since the war of Vietnam.
  • MREs are a great way to provide carbohydrates and nutrition to the soldiers in disastrous situations. Each meal of MRE have approximately 1300 calories having 25 percent of energy from fat, 55 percent from carbohydrates and 15 percent from proteins.
  • Oxygen and moisture are the two main factors which take active part in the spoilage of food. The tri-laminate package is done to protect the food in MRE and to increase its shelf life.
  • The shelf life of MRE is approximately 3 years if stored at 26°C and a minimum of half a year if stored at 38°C.
  • The menus of the MREs are designed keeping in view the feedback from the soldiers according to the surveys conducted every year.
  • A flameless ration heater and a container of tabasco sauce has been added in each MRE since 1993.
  • Oxygen scavengers are used in MREs to absorb extra oxygen to keep the food fresh and healthy.

Introduction To The 3 Week Diet

Following diet plans and taking dietary supplements is obviously not an easy task. It takes years of commitment and hours of workout to get what you desire in terms of perfect body and shape. A large population all around the world are following incorrect diet plans that takes years but still did not give fruitful results. The fault is not in the commitment or hard work but in the diet plan.

You have surely heard about the very popular 3 week diet system and the internet is crowded with a plethora of 3 week diet reviews. It is absolutely very effective and does not include any side effects. That is why I have decided to help the people by introducing them with the 3 week diet system.

Introduction to the 3 Week Diet:

You are probably thinking that most dieting plans take months to show effective results then how is it possible to get slim in just 3 weeks? The dieting plans take a lot of time because they are working in the wrong direction. The 3 week diet system is working in the right direction and so show results in just 3 weeks.

The 3 week diet system consist of manuals informing you about all the necessary information that you need to get slim. It is a natural, effective and healthy way to lose weight and burn fat in just 21 days. It is created by Brian Flat and the following manuals are included in it:

  • Introduction manual
  • Diet manual
  • Workout manual
  • Mindset and motivation manual

Introduction Manual: Introduction manual informs you not merely about the diet but actually focuses on the science behind gaining weight and losing it and what it will take to burn fat in an effective way. Also the dietary supplements are also mentioned in the book which are needed for the diet.

Diet Manual: The manual does not describe a single dietary plan to follow, rather it will help you to calculate your fat vs. body mass ration and then take action with a suitable diet plan. It also includes the food you should eat every day to maximize weight losing and what food you should avoid.

Workout Manual: The workout manual will double the results. It is designed for the people who cannot go to the gyms every day. You need to workout 20 minutes a day and 3 to4 days per week.

Take A Different Approach To Treating Your Migraine

For those suffering from migraine, the number one priority when one strikes is to find relief from the pain and other symptoms sometimes experienced. The conventional method for many years has been to take some form of pain relief and try to lie down in a darkened room if at all possible. This method will work for some, but not everyone will find relief in this and if you’re like me, you’ll been keen to try out any form of treatment if it can get rid of the intense pain and nausea that often accompanies a migraine headache.

Try A Hot Tub

It’s thought that lack of sleep and an increase in stress levels can contribute to a migraine headache, so with this in mind it’s no surprise that many people have found relief by using a hot tub, says Richard of In fact, both of these problems have been successfully treated in this way for a number of years, both stress and migraines

Relaxing Aids Relief

Relaxing in the warm water (and it’s best to have the water not too hot) can provide an effective treatment for many different aches and pains, so why not a migraine as well? You’ll get the best results if you position the massage jets so they hit the pressure points along your back and neck as migraines can often begin with tension in these areas. Just remember to limit your time in the hot tub to around 20 minutes then you don’t overdo it and drink plenty of water to prevent de-hydration which can often contribute to a headache in some cases.

Learning how to relax may also be of great benefit so whilst in your hot tub, play some soothing music at a low volume, practice some deep breathing and focus on relaxing the muscles in your neck and back to ease any tension. Hopefully this will be a method that will work for you.